Promotables PROMO TORRE

Product code: PROMO TORRE

A small and simple promotable with topper.
The promotable is delivered ready assembled, packed in a textile carry bag, topper is removable.
There is no need to build anything, you just take it out of bag and start your presentation.

Promotable Kit:

- two sided topper with foldable aluminim tube
- promotable body made of white chamber polypropylene plastic
- textile carry bag

Promotable weight: 3,6 kg NETTO
Carry bag dimensions (with front crease): 930 x 430 x 430 mm


- Adhesive vinyl film with digital print, glossy lamination, covering all promotable body including top presentation surface + topper

Branding dimensions:

- front + sidewalls dimensions: 1330 x 900 mm
- top presentation surface: 400 x 400 mm
- topper: 380 x 260 mm

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