Promotables PROMO ARNICA

Product code: PROMO ARNICA

A light-weight but solid promotable without topper. 4 lockable wheels on the bottom of promotable are included in the basic kit.
Aluminium hinge connected construction is very easy to set.
The promotable is supplied in a textile carry bag. 
The branded promotable front is supplied in a separate textile bag that prevents it from damaging.

Promotable Kit:

- 2 melamine faced shelves, rustic beech decor
- aluminium construction with lockable wheels
- front panel made of white plastic
- textile bag for promotable
- textile bag for front panel

Promotable weight: 12,8 kg NETTO
Promotable carry bag dimensions: 1080 x 520 x 180 mm
Front panel carry bag dimensions: 950 x 400 x 400 mm


- adhesive vinyl film with digital print, glossy lamination

Branding dimensions:

front panel dimensions: 1593 x 903 mm

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