Promotables PROMO UNO

Product packaging: 1 pcs.
Product code: PROMO UNO

A very simple promotable suitable as additional table to your promotion, or for promoting small such as cosmetics products.
The graphics in snap rails can be very easily exchanged.
The melamine faced shelf is standardly light grey, upon request can be made in different decors.
PVC banner for front side can be additionaly ordered.
Table can be ordered as one-sided or two-sided.

Promotable Kit:

- melamine faced shelf, light grey
- anodised aluminium leg
- 2 x 2 snap rails
- 2 x white plastic front
- metal base

Promotable weight: 7,7 kg NETTO


- adhesive vinyl film with digital print, glossy lamination
- or PVC banner with digital print
- or paper poster with print

Branding dimensions:

- 2 x front panel 400 x 740 mm

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